Vigilant VMS Protects Israel Railways Stations

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Israel Railways is the state-owned principal railway company established in April 1948 shortly after the establishment of the State of Israel. With more than 3000 employees, Israel Railways is responsible for all inter-city, commuter, and freight rail transport in Israel.

There are more than 50 railway stations scattered from Nahariya in the north to Dimona in the south - over 1200 km of rail. More than 48 million passengers and 7.5 million tons of cargo were transported by the railway services in 2014.

The Challenge

The CCTV system is a major component of the overall Israel Railways security system, providing real-time video monitoring and video recording for the safety and security of passengers, staff and railway facilities. The existing CCTV system was based on analog cameras and local DVRs along with an analog matrix in each station. With passengers’ security and safety being of the utmost importance to the railways company, they decided to enhance and upgrade their video surveillance solution to newer IP technology which would facilitate long-term growth and accommodate cutting-edge technology such as video analytics and megapixel cameras.

The Vigilant Solution

In collaboration with Megason LTD, a Certified Vigilant Partner, Israel Railways chose Vigilant’s video solution to manage and control security over widely dispersed stations.

Vigilant NetVR platform and NetStream encoders were installed in each station which enabled support for existing analog infrastructure while also supporting the option to add IP cameras in the future. NetVR open standard recording software supports industry-leading ONVIF Profile S and various 3rd party IP cameras vendors.

Instead of the aged analog matrix used by the stations' managers, NetView VMS client was installed at each station enabling local video to be viewed live or as part of post-event investigations. Using an intuitive graphical user interface, station managers are now able to effectively monitor their station’s cameras ensuring the safety of passengers and staff in and around the station.

The security control center is located In Tel Aviv Savidor Central Station which monitors all stations 24/7, 365 days a year. Vigilant NetView VideoWall is the heart of the operation center enabling an immediate response to real-time events at any of the railway stations or the surrounding area. Operators are able to view both live and recorded video from all stations transmitted over the converged IT network on four (4) large monitors. The system improves operator response time by displaying relevant cameras according to event received along with an embedded workflow reaction.

"Vigilant's video surveillance solution is the key element in the Israel Railways security concept allowing seamless integration with other physical security elements of the railways ecosystem," explained David Shkuri, Vigilant's vice president of operations. "NetView VMS was integrated with Lenel OnGuard access control and VideoIQ video analytics ensuring relevant event information from train platforms, station concourses and depot areas are delivered to the right people and at the right time."

About Vigilant

Founded in 1999, Vigilant Technology designs and manufactures intelligent IP video surveillance solutions for enterprise class CCTV deployments in mission- critical, multi-site application environments operating over enterprise LAN, wireless or carrier networks.

Vigilant's international headquarters is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of BATM Advanced Communications (London stock exchange ticker symbol: BVC).

NetVR, together with Vigilant NetStream advanced IP video encoders, empower authorized security personnel with maximum flexibility and freedom – enabling simultaneous access, control and viewing of live or playback video from any IP or analog camera, fixed or PTZ - regardless of user location or client device.

Designed to meet today’s tough security standards, Vigilant NetVR provides unique video quality, unmatched scalability, 365x7x24 availability, and excellent flexibility. Further, featuring easy third-party interoperability with IP devices or parallel systems and future-proof migration from legacy analog to hybrid or even pure IP environments, Vigilant NetVR helps protect existing infrastructure investment, maximizing ROI.

NetView VMS is a fully digital video management software solution providing a mature video-wall operation as well as powerful virtual matrix client. The NetView software enables solutions for demanding large scale, multi site deployment as well as small surveillance room.

NetView provides enhanced video handling accuracy, flexibility and alarms management. Security personnel gain improved decision-making capabilities, resulting in higher efficiency, with less probability for human error. It has been specifically designed to achieve higher security levels in mission-critical, multi-user environments.