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Cyber Protection

Cyber Security Challenges
The wide-spread use of IOT (Internet of Things), with extensive interconnection between low-voltage devices and end-point elements, which generally lack built-in security features, renders corporate assets increasingly vulnerable to external attacks from cybercriminals.
What CyberProtekt Does
To counter such risks, Vigilant has developed CyberProtekt, a unique system enabling the early detection of cyber-attack threats to low-voltage end-point elements in an enterprise or organizational network.
Constant scrutiny of the network and its end-point elements – video surveillance cameras, access control, building management and fire-alarms systems, and perimeter IP-based sensors –enables CyberProtekt to accurately detect, recognize and analyze imminent cyber-attack threats.
How it Works
The system extracts network metadata through DPI, (Deep Packet Inspection), detects anomalies in established behavior profiles and then issues alerts. The extracted metadata is stored in a Big Data Repository for forensic analysis.
Internal Threats:
CyberProtekt also monitors and detects internally-sourced threats activated through unauthorized use of certified elements.


  • Non-Intrusive, transparent; no changes to network information, timing or data integrity
  • Discovers tampering and unauthorized activities, normally undetected by network switch-based security systems
  • SME’s obtain the same level of Big Data Analysis normally only available in a large-scale organizational IT network infrastructure
  • Monitors both internal and external origins of cyber threats in low voltage networks
  • Easy to install, affordable and fully scalable from just a few network devices to thousands
  • Open platform – software-only solution that supports majority of low-voltage vendors
  • In-depth forensics supports faster and more accurate recognition of potential cyber threats; MAC spoofing, port scanning, DOS attacks, data privacy breach

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