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Vigilant's real-time vision for Transportation Security

For airport security systems with hundreds of cameras, Vigilant™ provides a scalable digital video recording solution to capture vital activity over the network. Security in airports has become a heightened issue since the terrorist attacks of September 11.

Coupled with the threat of airport hijacks and security breaches in airports around the world, airport security management face some tough challenges and it is more critical than ever that passengers and staff are protected from such attacks being repeated. Security systems in airports have multiple users for example police, immigration, customs, and baggage handling. These users all have very different security needs from anti terror through to airport management and people flow. As such, camera networks tend to be spread across the airport at different locations and can span 500 cameras and more. One of the key requirements of an airport’s recording system is immediate access to video to enable a prompt investigation of events in order to respond to security breaches quickly.
Vigilant’s intelligent features make it ideal for airport applications where multiple users with different requirements need access to the recording system simultaneously.
  • Scalable Systems
    Vigilant™ records at 6.25, 12.5 or 25 frames per second in PAL per camera. Some areas may need a higher frame rate than others. Vigilant™ allows you to combine its different video servers on the same network.

  • Network-based System
    Multiple users can work simultaneously which means that two or more users in different locations on the network may view video from the same camera at the same time. Live and playback video is streamed over standard communication networks, so that Vigilant™ can be incorporated into the existing network.

  • Advanced Streaming Technology
    Vigilant™ systems incorporate video streaming technology, allowing users to access and view stored video immediately from any point on the video stream with one simple click of the mouse.

  • Built-in Integration
    Capable of integrating with Facial Detection and Recognition and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems, Vigilant™ offers a comprehensive security solution for a variety of users within the airport operation.
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