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Remote Sites

Vigilant Enterprise IP Surveillance Solution for Remote Visual Monitoring

Organizations are increasingly seeking ways to enhance their security as well as at the same time look for man-power efficiency and low operational costs. This is particularly the case when an organization is spread over large geographical landscape such banks, retails stores, schools, university campuses, hospitals, government and military establishments.

The challenge is how to cost effectively deploy video surveillance at multiple sites and equip security managers with the ability to view live images from a remote site in a centralized location. At the same time to be truly effective, it allow investigators to retrieve synchronized video, audio and data records over the network to assist with the speedy resolution of any disputes and reduce the costs of doing so in the process.

The Vigilant Remote Viewer IP Surveillance System is the answer. It enables remote viewing of live and recorded video from any location, via a private or PSTN IP network infrastructure, and receiving real-time alert on predefine suspicious events.

Powering 24x7 Video Surveillance – from Anywhere
Vigilant's affordable solution enable end-users to take advantage of the advanced functionality of an Enterprise digital recording system to receive high-quality video and data from a remote location in real-time back at a central command and control center via Vigilant’s. This is achieved via the Remote Viewer video control and monitoring software.
Remote Sites
At each remote site a Vigilant 16 channel compact DVR enables surveillance of analog cameras, IP encoders and IP cameras. The result is a digital video recording solution designed for users in high security and surveillance environments, who need robust, cost effective image viewing and recording at 4CIF real time.

Control Centre
The RemoteViewer user interface allows operators in control centers access, over a narrow band WAN to view live and recorded video from the branch Vigilant video servers and receive various events, such as VMD, from the remote site in real time.

Key Benefits
  • Operates effectively from anywhere over narrow band WAN connection from just 128kbps bandwidth.

  • A cost effective remote surveillance solution that eliminates the need for security personnel on each branch to monitor and view previously recorded of activity at that branch.

  • Remotely retrieves and downloads any video and audio clip recorded at any specific time without the need to actually go to the geographically spreader branches

  • High video quality with superior performance - The system automatically adjusts the video quality depending on the bandwidth availability.

  • Remotely control the branch PTZ of cameras

  • Plug and play installation on any client
The Vigilant Technology RemoteViewer IP-Surveillance system will provide a cost effective solution for a wide range of applications required surveillance viewing over the network, such as:

  • Banks - benefit from the remote viewing of live and/or recorded video of every ATM or Teller transaction. Security managers and investigators will be able to retrieve synchronized video, audio and data records over the network assisting with speed resolution of any disputes and reducing the costs of doing so in the process.

  • Gas Facility - benefit from the remote viewing of live and/or recorded video of activity at every gas pump as well as within the on-site convenience store. Security managers and investigators will therefore be able to view in real time any incidents at each gas station. In addition the system can be configured to generate alarms for pre-defined situations.

  • Retails- benefit from the remote viewing of live video of any suspicious transactions. Security managers and investigators will be able to easily retrieve synchronized video, audio and transaction data records over the network. In addition it may provide an alarm on people queue situation to provide better balancing in which the manager may resolve.

  • Education – Kinder gardens, schools, colleges and universities etc will all benefit from the real time viewing functionality of Vigilant Technology Enterprise IP-Surveillance system. When the facility is in use supervisor will be able to immediately view live video of any trouble developing that could endanger the safety of staff or students and if necessary alert the police.
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