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Public Spaces

Where corporate offices and buildings are spread across different locations, Vigilant's networking capabilities ensure activity from all cameras is captured.

Security in corporate offices and buildings is usually spread across several buildings in one campus and sometimes requires connectivity between campuses in different cities. To ensure maximum security and protection to staff and visitors alike, the CCTV system needs to integrate with external systems such as access control, fire detection and building management systems.
The monitoring of these systems takes place from one central control room; the digital video recording system therefore needs to have advanced remote capabilities.

The Vigilant digital video recording system offers advanced features that can be integrated with corporate networks:
  • Scalable Systems
    Video servers can be shared between different buildings and areas by a simple network connection. Vigilant offers a choice of frame rates: 1, 4, 6.25, 12.5 or 25 frames per second per camera in PAL, according to the level of security required.
    Vigilant uses standard protocols and hardware components allowing the user to enlarge their system whenever required, without adding any additional infrastructure costs.

  • Network based system
    Vigilant allows you to connect multiple servers from different locations to one central control room, which in turn saves unnecessary costs associated with operating multiple control rooms.

    Multiple users have access to live and recorded video, even from the same camera, across standard communication networks allowing them to work simultaneously and share the bandwidth.

  • Built-in Integration
    Capable of integrating with facial detection and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems, Vigilant offers a comprehensive security solution.
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