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Bringing True Vigilance to the Worlds of Banking & Finance

Vigilant’s powerfully intelligent solutions bring an unprecedented level of security to the demanding worlds of banking and finance. Banks and financial institutions have historically been targets for both blue and white-collar crime. Today, they have also become targets for international terror - making it imperative that they implement the most sophisticated and uncompromisingly reliable security solutions.

Vigilant has responded to this critical need by designing and delivering solutions that dramatically expand today’s security capabilities, while creating an environment that will enable banks and financial institutions to aggressively meet tomorrow’s threats. Vigilant secures assets and safeguards staff and customers, while enabling a superior level of service.

Whether in a local bank branch, at an outlying ATM, or on a busy trading floor, Vigilant is there - watching, remembering, analyzing, reporting, and alerting.

Vigilant gives you the tools to make critical decisions, based on comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information, delivered in real time - when and where it really counts.
  • High quality recording from unlimited cameras
    Continuous, scheduled, or event-triggered video and audio recordings can be made from an unlimited number of cameras in real time, and monitored remotely.

  • Ease of installation
    The nature of the configuration of the Vigilant system means that less physical space is required when compared to analogue VCRs. This in turn makes for an easier installation process especially when dealing with such large camera networks that are unique in terms of size for the surveillance market

  • Maximum Data Storage
    Exceptionally efficient compression techniques enable vast amounts of data to be stored in minimal space, thus significantly reducing cost of ownership.

  • Advanced Video Streaming
    Critical events can be identified instantly, played back, analyzed, and sent via Internet and intranet to any location.

  • Exceptional Resolution
    Tracking currency as it travels through the system, or protecting customers from fraudulent withdrawals, Vigilant’s extraordinarily high resolution assures that even the minutest details of every event will be captured - and can be used in investigations and as evidence in legal and criminal proceedings.

  • Anti-Tamper and Covert Surveillance
    Sophisticated anti-tamper features make sabotage almost impossible. And, when internal collusion is suspected, Vigilant enables covert surveillance, using hidden cameras and hidden user interfaces to monitor security personnel.

  • Total Environment Protection
    Vigilant offers full activity detection, responding not only to visual input, but also triggering alerts to suspicious sounds - assuring round-the-clock, 360° security.

  • Scalable, Customizable, and Future-Proof
    Vigilant enables simplified, comprehensive management, combining numerous servers on the same network to meet both security and surveillance needs. The system is easily expanded, supports multiple operations and multiple simultaneous users, and seamlessly integrates with local networks & security applications.
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