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Vigilant Technology is your partner for IP Surveillance and Security Solutions in Casinos.

The pre-requisites of casino security systems make Vigilant™ the ideal digital video recording solution. CCTV in casinos has two functions: security and surveillance. Both functions usually have separate control rooms and separate cameras. The objectives of casino security systems are to protect customers from theft thereby offering them a safe environment in which to spend their time.

Whilst security in a casino is much the same as other high risk buildings, the surveillance aspect is more unique in that CCTV is monitoring gaming tables where quick actions may lead to deception by sleight of hand. In such instances operators need immediate access to the stored video for analysis and once investigated, the dealer on the floor can continue the games on his tables with minimum interruption.

Camera networks in casinos are typically made up of between 500 and 3000 cameras with each camera being recorded in high resolution at 25 frames per second in PAL.

In casinos, where large amounts of money are at stake, Vigilant has the features to ensure minimum interruption to gaming areas.
  • High motion recording from unlimited cameras Vigilant records an unlimited number of cameras at up to 25 frames per second per camera in high resolution. Video can be played back frame by frame for detailed analysis
  • Ease of installation
    The nature of the configuration of the Vigilant system means that less physical space is required when compared to analogue VCRs. This in turn makes for an easier installation process especially when dealing with such large camera networks that are unique in terms of size for the surveillance market
  • Scalable system
    Vigilant allows you to combine different video servers on the same network according to the needs of the security system. It therefore has the ability to meet the requirements of both the security and surveillance aspects of the system. It also gives the casino an opportunity to enlarge the system whenever needed without adding major infrastructure costs.
    Vigilant’s networking architecture is particularly cost effective for casinos that own several sites and whose security needs are controlled by one central control room
  • Advanced streaming technology
    Vigilant systems incorporate video streaming technology, allowing operators to access and view stored video immediately from any point on the video stream with one simple click of the mouse.
  • Audio
    In casinos where audio recording is permitted, Vigilant’s audio capability enables operators to hear the activity on gaming tables, giving greater evidence in awkward situations.

A Casino is a unique and demanding environment where CCTV Surveillance and its associated recording systems are not an optional addition to the workings of a Casino – they are integral, and as such have to deliver and be operational 24/7.

With a proven track record of providing large scale, high motion digital recording solutions for mission critical applications, Vigilant Technology has extensive experience of developing and providing enterprise class solutions that have the pedigree to match the demands of a gaming environment.

  • High Resolution
    4CIF resolution provides operators with the clarity and detail required to identify face cards and monetary denominations.
  • Full Frame Rate (Real Time) Recording
    Gaming cameras, Cash Counting cameras and any other critical cameras can be recorded at full frame rate (25 fps PAL, 30 fps NTSC) to ensure that nothing is missed in the recording process.
  • Audio
    Every video channel has an associated audio channel, allowing the added value of audio to be listened to in Live or Playback.
  • Unrivaled Cost Performance
    MPEG 4 technology delivers high quality images at lower storage requirements than other compression engines, translating into less cost associated with the storage and archiving of recordings.
  • Reliability
    A robust architecture ensures that there is no single point of failure. Our solutions use only server rated components that are designed to run 24/7. All drives are hot swappable and configured in RAID 5. Mirrored System Disks, Hot Swap Power Supplies and continuous Fault Monitoring further contribute to ensuring maximum system uptime.
  • Scalable System Architecture
    Vigilant solutions are specifically designed to cater for the requirements of large-scale CCTV systems. Hundreds of cameras can be recorded in full frame rate and full resolution with no limits on expansion. Multiple operators can access and use the system simultaneously without conflict
  • Simple Operation and Logical Camera Grouping
    Vigilant’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) is remarkably simple and allows operators to locate and review cameras quickly. Our Logical Grouping feature allows operators to identify cameras by group type e.g. Blackjack tables – irrespective of where they may be in the main system.
  • Synchronized Playback
    Operators can synchronize the video and audio playback of up to 4 cameras simultaneously, to assist in analyzing incidents that may have happened over a number of different cameras at the same time.
  • Playback via Matrix
    Playback can be controlled by the Matrix keyboard(s) and viewed on the matrix monitor(s).
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